Hello! I’m Kim, and I’m really interested how people experience work. Many of us spend 40+ hours at work a week (not to mention all the other kinds of work we do in our lives, from caring for ailing relatives to managing households and raising children), so that experience really matters. It’s important.

I have strong opinions about these things, which you can find in my blog.

I’m currently accepting consulting opportunities in the following areas:

  • Resume and cover letter review

  • HR and operations consulting

  • Ghostwriting/speechwriting

I also have an advice column at Capital Women, a newsletter focused on positive news, culture, and local events of interest to DC-area women. So, if you have a job-search question, hit me up, and maybe I’ll answer your question in an upcoming edition of my column.

If you’re hiring and want me to take a look at the job description and forward it to jobseekers that might be a good fit, again, feel quite free.

And if you’re job searching yourself, or have to, idk, go to work most days, my newsletter might have some things you’re interested in.