Ranavain has some special events coming soon. But there are lots of things going on in DC to help you build your skills, make friends, network, and try something new. These are all the event calendars I know about; lmk if you find another one!


Here's  where you can find free outdoor movies all over the city all summer long and into September. 

The Hill is Home: LOTS of events, especially cultural ones. 

LinkTank: A jobs and events aggregator focusing on the think tank world (both conservative and progressive). 

The Women's Information Network (WIN): A network of pro-choice, Democratic women. Some events are members-only (but membership is super worth it if you're a woman in DC who wants to meet other chill liberal women). 

The Lemon Collective: Women-focused, with lots of arts and crafts but plenty of professional development as well. 

Network for Progress: Events for the politically progressive in DC. 

TechStars Startup Digest: Lots of events with a startup focus. 

GregsListDC: A bunch of fun events around DC, focusing on museums, festivals, and general good-time having. 

Halcyon House: Events for the creative innovator. 

General Assembly: Events and workshops, usually focused on tech. Some are pricey classes where you learn hard skills, others are free networking events. 

Alley: Verizon's "curated community for creators." Events all around the country. 

Georgetown BID: Events happening in and around Georgetown. Lots of shopping, food, and small business action. 

Anacostia BID: Arts, culture, and professional development events. Lots are free!

Adam's Morgan Partnership BID: Stuff in and around Adam's Morgan. Shopping, movies, food and fun. (It doesn't remove old events, so scroll down.)

Capitol Hill BID: All the big ones (like FIREWORKS), and lots of littler ones. 

Capitol Riverfront BID: Events happening in the Riverfront neighborhood.

Downtown DC BID: All the culture, arts, and community events happening in downtown DC. 

Golden Triangle BID: Things to do in the Golden Triangle. Lots of yoga and pilates here. 

NOMA BID: Mostly fun stuff, like movies and art/culture events. 

GreenDrinksDC: "Green Drinks DC is a monthly networking  series for environmentally-minded professionals, students, and enthusiasts in Washington, DC."

HillRag: Not events purely, but they often aggregate local events, especially big galas and community service events.

Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce: Tons of events aggregated here, especially ones of interest to small businesses and organizations.