Not sure your resume is up to snuff?

Sick of combing through a thousand and one Uber/Lyft/Instacart gigs on Indeed to find the one job posting you're actually interested in?

Not sure how to get to your next big step, or just not sure what that next step is?

I'm your career concierge, allowing you to own your career and drive your own professional success without spending hours combing through all the bullsh*t online advice, scammy job postings, and rich white CEOs on LinkedIn telling you to show some "gumption".

Ranavain is an all-purpose, personal pan pizza of professional development and career advice that anyone can afford. I want to help you find, get, keep, and thrive in a job you don't hate. 

Members get:

  • a resume review
  • job hunt help: I comb through the job boards so you don't have to
  • free contract review for freelance writers, illustrators and photographers*
  • discounts on everything you're not getting for free

But Ranavain isn't just for job-seekers! If you're currently employed, you'll hear about professional development resources, events, and jobs you might be interested in even if you're happy at your current gig (aka, passive job search). Plus, I'll help you keep your resume in tip-top shape so when you are ready to move on, you're not spending hours updating your materials and trying to remember a project you worked on 6 months ago!

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* - I'm not a lawyer, but I've worked with work-for-hire and license agreements a lot.