Ezra Klein

Co-Founder and Editor-at-large, Vox.com

"I met Kim Stiens after she sent in one of the best cover letters Vox ever received. Editorial coordinator was a new role for us, and we quickly realized she understood it better than we did. From there, she was a creative, essential force in building out Vox's organization and processes, always quick with an idea and tireless in working to get it right."

Timothy-Paul Murphy

Digital outreach and alumni development fellow, FIRE

Ms. Stiens is a fantastic career counselor. She helped me land not just a job that I wanted but a job that was the right fit for — one I would excel at. Like a tailor on Savile Row she takes stock of a client's personal style and their physical measurements to make sure the suit fits both perfectly. Then she helps you tailor your resume and cover letter to reflect those attributes required by the specific job. Her unique strategy allows you to quickly put together customized cover letters and resumes for specific jobs, rather than starting from scratch for each new job application. Once I got my job offer, she walked me through how to negotiate compensation and benefits with human resources. I’m not sure what I would have done without Kim’s help. She’s a top-notch career advisor that I would recommend to anyone who wants to take their job search seriously.

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